Centurion Club

The Centurion Club is formed up of members of no discernible connection except for those members that were born on the 1st of January. The Centurion Club is made up of multiple levels of membership, Centurions, Millennials, and Members. The Millennials control the Club, Centurions act on the Club’s behalf, and Members provide for a base of the clubs funding, resources, and a Balance the stages to the group during the end of the Century and the beginning of the next.

The Club focuses on adventure and creating the action of the age. A great many of histories greatest heroes have been members of the Club or have been claimed by the Club to have been members.


Birthday is the 1st of January, and is the annual gathering of all the Centurion Club’s Members to celebrate their collective birthdays, and remember the past year’s events.

Centurion Club

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